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My name is Jacob and I've been creating websites since 2013. I specialise mainly in building websites based on Wordpress CMS and Nuxt.js. I have a lot of expierence in creating websites optimal in terms of SEO (I started my IT career by being an SEO specialist), so the websites that I build are prepared for future cooperation with an SEO/SEM agency or freelancer. Any kind of online store or more advanced websites with me creating a front-end layer and somebody else creating a back-end layer are not a problem. I am currently living in Rzeszów, but it doesn’t matter much as I carry out projects for clients from all over the world. I am available both by phone or e-mail; meetings on Google Meet in order to arrange the details are also possible.

A list of skills:

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    HTML 5


    Coding in HTML is actually the basic skill required when creating websites. The previous version of HTML differs from this one in semantics which is really important when building websites properly prepared for SEO.

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    CSS 3


    CSS that is the so-called styles. There are updates every now and then that need to be learned; however, there are few solutions that I haven't tried so far or that have suprised me during creating mobile websites.

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    Sass, or rather SCSS, that I use on a daily basis makes creating styles on the website more programmatic, and as a result more pleasant to write. I had the occasion to use the advaced functionalities of this preprocessor, which means that more advanced solutions are not unachievable, also in large projects with Design systems.

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    Ah, that heavy and big brother of JS which is still being used in Wordpress. I've spent hundreds of hours on it and I do it less often now (fortunately). However, for the needs of Wordpress and quick solutions I sometimes still use it.

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    My main CMS. Almost 3/4 of websites are powered by Wordpress. Hated by some, loved by another; I personally consider it a nice solution for clients who want to have their website built quickly, with the possibility of editing and making improvements, e.g. by adding plugs.

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    My first job in IT with which my desire to start learning programming started. A very useful skill since not many of programmers pay attention to SEO. It is always an important element of the company's business, and websites are created to bring profits after all.

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    I tend to spend more and more time with Java Script. Practically, all my current projects except the ones built with Wordpress are created using Vue or Nuxt, so JS is present everywhere. I can't write that I'm a senior JavaScript developer, because of the constant updates that require of me perpetual learning and improving my writing in this language.

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    Undoubtedly my favorite JavaScript framework that I used. At the beginning of my journey I tried Angular, React and Vue and the choice fell on Vue eventually. I like semantics and the ease of writing a code in it. It works faster and better with each new version.

  • Nuxt.js logo



    A perfect addition to Vue.js in order to provide SSR support. It has a number of amenities that make writing in Vue even more pleasant. Each new version fixes found bugs and the number of stars on github shows how easy it is to write in it. Soon there will be Vue 3 , lots of changes, another improvements and full Typescript support.

  • Git logo



    Software without which the current IT world would not exist. I put any more serious projects on repositories - bitbucket, gitlab or github. Indispensable help with code refractioring.

  • Jira logo



    Navigating in constantly expanding Jira isn't the easiest thing, I happened to arrange boards, backlogs and sprints several times, so I am aware of the needs and importance of this tool in the process of software development.

  • Photoshop logo



    Another skill from the 'I used to do it once' series. Actually, I made my first money from creating web design concepts; now it could be called UI or UX. Photoshop doesn't hide any secrets from me, I find it easy to use and I can crop photos or prepare more graphically advanced projects in it.

  • Avocode logo



    Frequently used to work with clients who have not heard about Figma or Adobe XD and provided graphic files prepared e.g. in Adobe Photoshop. That tool makes PSD files visible as if they were prepared using Figma, and thanks to that the process of creating a website is much faster, and as a result the client pays less money.

  • Figma logo



    It is probably the most popular program for creating website designs currently. I use it both as a programmer and a designer to create my own website designs.

  • Illustrator logo



    As well as Adobe Photoshop, I also used Illustrator to create graphics that I needed. However, I don't know Illustrator as well as I know Photoshop.

  • React logo



    I've created one commercial project written in React. It is not my favorite framework, but I obviously can use it as you can see on this website which was built on React and Nextjs for SSR.

  • Next.js logo



    I've created one commercial project written in React. It is not my favorite framework, but I obviously can use it, as you can see on this website which was built on React and Next.js for SSR.

  • React Native logo

    React Native


    I've created one commercial project written in React Native. I'm not fluent in it, but I know how it works and how to test/generate the application later.

Contact with me

Feel free to contact me at the following number: 794 685 375 or via e-mail at the following address: sobota.jacob@gmail.com