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My name is Jacob and I've been creating websites since 2013. I specialise mainly in building websites based on Wordpress CMS and Nuxt.js. I have a lot of expierence in creating websites optimal in terms of SEO (I started my IT career by being an SEO specialist), so the websites that I build are prepared for future cooperation with an SEO/SEM agency or freelancer. Any kind of online store or more advanced websites with me creating a front-end layer and somebody else creating a back-end layer are not a problem. I am currently living in Rzeszów, but it doesn’t matter much as I carry out projects for clients from all over the world. I am available both by phone or e-mail; meetings on Google Meet in order to arrange the details are also possible.

Illustrative price list for Wordpress websites:



    • one-page website
    • from 1 up to 3 subpages
    • wordpress cms
    • free hosting
    • SSL certificate
    • Divi layout
    • basic optimisation

    Lead time: about 1 week, depending on the graphic design.



    • multi-page website
    • from 4 up to 10 subpages
    • wordpress cms
    • free hosting
    • Divi or Oxygen layout
    • advanced optimisation
    • website updates

    Lead time: about 1-2 weeks, depending on the graphic design.

  • PRO


    • unlimited number of subpages
    • wordpress cms
    • free hosting
    • Oxygen layout
    • full optimisation
    • website updates
    • securing the website

    Lead time: about 3 weeks, depending on the graphic design.

Attention! The price list applies to websites built with Wordpress CMS. The prices included are indicative.
In order to determine the details and the final price, please contact me.

Contact with me

Feel free to contact me at the following number: 794 685 375 or via e-mail at the following address: sobota.jacob@gmail.com